Here on this site you will find information that you did not know about, that you can use to improve your game. Because lets face it if you could improve your average by just 10 pins a game wouldn't you have more fun bowling? That's what this site is all about, spreading my years of knowledge to help others enjoy bowling as much as me, and by doing this hope to grow interest in the sport of bowling. The information alone won't turn you into a pro, only hard work and practice to the tune of 50 to 100 games a week will do that.

Kelly Kulick Wins PBA Tournament of Champions!

Kelly Kulick Wins PBA Tournament of Champions!
Get personally autographed poster, click picture above to see whole poster and for ordering instructions.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Understanding Bowling lane oil pattern

Many average bowlers don't know about how there is oil on the lane surface. This video done by a fellow PBA member does a good job at explaining it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bowling Lane Topography

Most lanes are not equal. This video explains why.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Dead wood rule!

I see this happen on many occasions, luckily in most of these situations the dead wood does NOT come into play. BUT trust me if you have luck like I do it is better to be safe than sorry and ALWAYS have dead wood removed, no matter how much others get upset because of the hold up in play it takes to get it removed because trust me THEY will be the FIRST ones to protest if anything comes in contact with the dead wood.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Re-Racking Pins in bowling.

In the PBA you are allowed 2 per game, after that you need approval from the tournament director. The way I look at it is that if the lane is setting the pins bad every time and you have already asked the bowling center to have the mechanic adjust the rack and the problem can't be remedied during league. Well? it is reasonably fair for everybody as the rack will be bad for all on your pair. Most times you can adjust to a bad rack in order to make the pins carry better.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Amazon Prime Day is coming JULY 15th.

Sign up for your free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime so you can take advantage of the HUGE sale on Amazon Prime Day, Wednesday, JULY 15th. Click the link below and sign up NOW!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Bowling different hand releases in slow motion.

Watch this video closely and you can learn how the different hand positions create different ball rotations and give you the ability to play different parts of the lane. In this video all the lanes are oiled the same yet some are playing in deep and some are playing outside close to the gutter. Notice how the ones playing to the right side of the lane outside have their hand relaxed backward and the ones playing left and in deep inside are cupping their wrist and even some are grabbing and hitting up on the fingers in order to create the high rev needed to get the ball to hook enough to get back to the pocket from deep inside where the oil is heavier volume.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How much should you Practice Bowling.

Well, like I tell the people I coach, steady, and quality, not necessarily quantity. But there is this thing called muscle memory and if you don't bowl on a steady basis that muscle memory will tend to fade with time. The more muscle memory you have developed the less you have to think about your motion and mechanics and the more your body will flow physically and the smoother you will be. I tend to practice steady up till a few days before a tournament and then rest so I am fresh for the tournament. Below is a video of some of the Pro's I bowl with talking about how much they practice. If you keep up with bowling over time you will notice that the pro's in this video who tend to practice more and on a steady basis are the ones you have seen the most on TV lately. Practice is important so long as you don't overdo it, cause like Bill O'neal states, you don't want to get burned out. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How to pick up the 2,8,10 split in bowling.

If you ever wanted to know if it was possible to pick up the 2,8,10 split or the 3,9,7 for lefties. The answer is YES, I have picked this up twice in my life myself, and this is exactly how I did it as well.

That`s how you  MAKE IT #MajorMika Converts 2-8-10
Posted by Team Lygre Bowling on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bowling Pin Defies Physics

Yet another video showing how sometimes the pins just don't bounce like they should. Make sure to watch the whole video so you can see in slow motion how the 3 pin stands up in the 10 pin spot.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bowling Shoe Protective Covers.

When you are bowling and need to leave the lane seating area to go to the snack bar or the restroom or anywhere else in the bowling center, especially on rainy days you want to protect your shoes from getting wet or dirty by putting on and wearing bowling shoe protective covers.
I have tried many different brands and types of shoe protective covers and have found this brand and type of cover lasts me the longest giving me the most for my money. The elastic, side and bottom materials are the most durable of all the typs and brands of bowling shoe protective covers I have used over the last 20 years.
You can click on the picture link below and it will take you to Amazon where you can purchase the same bowling shoe protective covers that I use.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The strike that wasn't.

Sorry I have not posted lately as I was taking care of my 57year old brother, unfortunately he passed away.
I actually had a very similar reaction happen to me many years ago where the pins fell and the 4 pin fell and bounced up and stood in the 9 pin spot.
Here is a wild video of how bowling can appear to defy psychics at times.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Modern Bowling Release

With the advancement in bowling balls and the cover-stocks (outside shell) used on modern bowling balls it has been necessary to change how the ball is released to achieve the maximum power and pin carry to compete at a higher level. Something I have had to learn over the years because back when I started, the bowling balls were basically custom drilled house balls, just like the ones on the racks at bowling centers all over the world today. My how times have changed!
Here is a great video showing the new modern release needed to bowl at a higher level.
Just click on the link below.

Monday, October 6, 2014

New High Tech Bowling Balls

This video shows a small glimpse into the vast technology that is designed and built into the bowling balls of today. As I have stated in previous posts, having your own ball drilled with a finger tip grip will increase your average substantially over the use of house balls. Also if you consider venturing into some of the more high tech balls  such as the one in this video you can increase your score even more. With a little practice of course. This video is very informative. Yes I love STORM bowling balls, they are the only ones I use. So yes I am a little biased, but some of the other ball manufacturers also make similar high tech bowling balls that are effective at increasing your score over using a house ball. I can not comment on this particular ball because I do not own it, YET. I can tell you that the OPTIMUS, of which I do have one of and probably will soon own several more with different drill layouts. The OPTIMUS is a ball that I am sure we will see more of down the road when it comes to the weight block inside being put into different cover stocks. I will spend just a little time saying that I only have a few games on this ball and already have had several games with 11 strikes in them. A 300 game is just around the corner and coming soon. The OPTIMUS is a smooth gradual arc through the heads with a controllable aggressive hook on the back-end making it a great ball for medium oil with medium length, although if you have a soft release or a little speed dominant you can also use it on drier lane conditions. Hope you enjoy the video.

Monday, May 26, 2014


I am posting this in order to spread the word about a great women's tournament coming in July. Be sure and sign up early.  Here is a link you can click on to go to the tournament website.......

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bowling Ball history

If you have ever bowled with a house ball and saw other people bowling and curving their bowling ball it is in part due to the type of ball they are using. I would have to write a small book explaining it. But one step to improving your game is that you need to understand the game. That includes understanding the equipment. I have one video below showing and explaining it a little. But I found an article that, yes it is a little long, but is a very interesting and good read. After you read it, keep in mind that most house balls are plastic with no weight block. So when you see others like me bowling and striking with relative ease it is mainly due to the ball. Yes the accuracy is due to many hours of practice a week, but the improved pin action is created by the ball. You can improve your average by as much as 10+ pins just by getting one of those high tech balls.
Here is a link to the story........

Sunday, August 4, 2013

World Games 2013 bowling, women singles result.

Kelly Kulick wins the silver medal in bowling in the World Games!
Winning 238 to 218 over Daria Kovalova in the first game of gold medal final match.
But then losing 210 to 187 in the 2nd game.
The Gold medal being decided by the total of the 2 games meaning Daria Kovalova wins the gold by 3 pins.
Kelly made a great comeback during match play today winning all but 3 of her matches, with her low game being only a 203.
She was the top qualifier for the Gold medal round meaning the worst she could do was the silver medal.
I could use all the cliches in the book to describe that loss, but I won't.
Because she made a stellar run that almost no other woman on the planet could have done to only lose by 3 pins and she WON a SILVER medal! YAY!
She is on the path to becoming the best woman bowler in history with many more wins and medals to come.

Link to the Gold medal round

Friday, August 2, 2013

2013 World Games Bowling Team USA Mixed Doubles.

Well the Mixed doubles Team of Mike Fagan and Kelly Kulick took home the first Gold medal in history for the USA in bowling.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Bowling US Open 2013 video replay.

If you missed any of the US Open saturday here is a link to watch it. Also watch the first match that was not televised.

Bowling 2013 US Open champions.

Well all 8 TV finalists were on STORM staff. That might be a preview as to what may be in the future.
The way it turned out? Well let me give a little personal insight. I am going to agree with the comment of someone I consider a friend and was on that show " Why does 1 game have to decide a champion? " Interesting question, yes? Here's why. Anybody can beat anybody on any given day in a 1 game match. It is not so much skill and experience as it is luck and getting breaks. If you saw the whole show you know what I am talking about. Sure I had my personal favorites to win, but in the end it really didn't matter to me cause they were all STORM. Plus I know how it is in a one game sprint. I describe it as lining a 100 people up of equal ability for a 5 yard sprint, in 10 races you are likely to get 10 different winners, It is what it is. I some times wonder why they don't try to run it like they run golf tournaments. Imagine if Tiger Woods lead the tournament all week only to lose in a 1 game match. I'm thinking there would be a HUGE discussion about it on the monday after the show, Ya think?? Oh well, anyway here are video interviews of the winners.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bowling 2013 US Open, Finalists for TV.

The field is set for today. Kelly and Jason are the top seeds. Kelly has great ball reaction and should win today. Jason looks to be unstoppable with great pin carry.
You don't want to miss this final. Today on ESPN at Noon eastern time.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bowling 2013 US Open 1st round match play results.

Well it is the same 4 people on top. But as expected Kelly Kulick is back on top of the women's side.
So STORM is still rocking it at the open.
Here are the links to the full results.


Bowling 2013 US Open leaders after qualifing.

The top 2 leaders on the men's and women's side are Liz Johnson, Kelly Kulick and Jason Belmonte, Pete Weber. Here is a link to current scores.
Women's match play round 1

Men's match play round 1

Just a note of interest, All 4 of these bowlers are bowling with STORM bowling balls.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bowling 2013 US Open update

Well I am sad that I could not get my schedule to cooperate so that I could be in Columbus and actually be bowling in the open myself this year.
But I have been catching some video of the event and as expected the scores are a good 10 pins higher over all this year due to the shorter pattern used.
Also I was correct the 9 board appears to be the out of bounds only about 1% of balls missing outside of the 9 board will strike.
The leaders after day 2 are Kelly Kulick on the women's side and Jason Belmonte on the men's side.
 With the shorter pattern this year I expect Kelly to lead most of the way and she should win the women's side. On the men's side? Well that's a tough one Pete Weber has a good chance to repeat but he will have his hands full as some of the power players will have a chance this year with the shorter pattern allowing them a few boards more mistake room.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bowling 2013 US Open

Well the 2013 US Open starts. I have bowled a couple of US Opens in the past and if you scroll down this page you will see one of my comments about what it's like bowling on that pattern. Now this year they shortened the pattern by a couple of feet back to 38 feet in length. But don't think that will make it any easier, cause it won't. The problems that are created by missing on the 42 foot will still exist on this years 38 foot pattern. The only real difference will be that the gutter will be at about the 9 board instead of the 12 board like it was a couple of years ago. Also you will be using slightly less aggressive bowling balls. I say slightly less because the best way to play this condition is to stay with a little more aggressive ball than you would think and use a weaker or less aggressive hand release.
The picture below gives a funny but VERY true description of how the Open pattern plays. If you ever bowl the US Open, make sure you leave your emotions back at home in a box. Cause having emotions at this tournament will dig you a huge hole. I have said before and I'll say it again the US Open is the toughest shot on the planet EVER! Anyone who has ever bowled in it will NOT disagree!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

U.S. Women's Open update

Kelly made the top seed again this year in runaway fashion, 100's of pins ahead of the rest of the field. Here are the details and a short video interview of the finalists.......

Monday, June 25, 2012

2012 U.S. Women's Open

To anyone interested in watching the round of the top 50 they will be bowling today, Monday, June 25th at 3:00 pm Pacific time - 4pm Mt. - 5pm central and 6pm eastern. It will be covered on's you tube channel.  Here is the link to make it easier for everybody...........

Kulick maintains lead at 2012 U.S. Women's Open

Kelly Kulick is doing what she always does at this tournament here is a link to the story and current standings and a video interview farther down the page once you click the link..........................

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Proper Ball Drilling

In the last post I talked about how I had not bowled on the THS - ( typical house shot ) for several years other than as the occasional sub. So I no longer had any bowling balls drilled in the proper way as to give me an advantage on the THS. After I had a couple of balls drilled for the THS I started to score much higher and with much less effort. For the first time in over 3 years I have started in a THS and will finish this league, bowling a full season in a THS league, with not only the proper bowling balls for the condition but just as important having them custom fitted and drilled properly as well.
Proving my point, - Since I had those new balls drilled I have bowled a total of only 24 games ( that's 8 weeks of 3 games each ) in this one house ( Vestavia Bowl ) and have bowled the 2 series mentioned in the previous post and now the first 2 weeks of this new league have bowled a 758 and 707. Which included a 279 - 258 - and the first 300 in the league, with a current average of 244. I am sure, as I am human, I will have the inevitable bad week that will lower my average slightly. But it will be interesting to see where my average is at the end of this summer league.

So as you can see. There is a HUGE advantage in having your own professionally chosen and fitted bowling ball. So YES it is worth EVERY DOLLAR it will cost to have that done, as you can see by my experience above as well as going into the future.

Let me add one foot note : If you are new to the high tech bowling equipment or are short on money as we all are right now. You can purchase a good used ball. Most pro shops have a good selection of good used bowling balls.
Because ya see, the 2 bowling balls I had drilled recently for the THS are the Storm Prodigy, that came out back in June 2010 and a Storm Virtual Gravity that came out back in November 2008. Both of which I purchased off the USED ball rack at the Pro Shop.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

McCorvey's Pro Shop

I wanted to thank Jonathan (Jay) Hester and Chris Felts at McCorvey's Pro shop in Lightning Strikes bowling center for the recent work they did for me. I had 2 new balls drilled up a specific way as to benefit me when bowling on the THS (typical house shot) also made a slight change in my grip as to make it more relaxed. Having a relaxed grip so I can use very little pressure to hang on to the ball thus allowing for quick release makes the ball rev more with less effort. It also puts less wear and tear on your hand if you use the proper grip as I have demonstrated on an earlier post. As for the drilling, I haven't bowled on the THS in 3 years except as an occasional sub, so all of my bowling balls were drilled to benefit me on sport bowling conditions. Which to say the least makes me have to work to shoot decent scores on the THS. But now all of that is solved, I am thinking about adding a couple more balls for the THS. Both balls performed as expected using both in 2 league sets so far and rolled a 718 and 696 for 3 games. Don't expect to shoot below 660 now that I have the correct drill pattern for the shot I am shooting on now. So if you need anything done bowling ball wise, these guys are very knowledgeable and get it right the first time.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The US Open Oil pattern.

Well how many ways can I explain this. The tech part of it is that the first 26 feet has over 60 units of oil (A FLOOD!) Then it continues down to 40 feet with slightly less. The same amount of oil is distributed basically even from gutter to gutter.

Now to describe it in a different way. For lefties or right handed, it does not matter. There is NO playable shot outside from the 10th board to the gutter. Corey Kistner, a fellow bowler said it best, "The 10 board IS the gutter!" That describes this pattern to a T. If it gets outside the 10 board it is not just out the window, it is off the planet. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING! will hook back to the pocket if it gets outside of the 10 board. So if all you know is how to play down and in from the outside on your home house shot.You are SUNK! Cause that won't play here.

The US Open oil pattern is considered to be BY FAR the toughest shot on the planet. Anyone who has ever bowled on it will NOT disagree.